Does Your Job Affect Your Personal Life?

Are you able to separate your professional life from your personal? If you have a bad day at work, are you able to leave it at the workplace? Once you leave the workplace, do you still bring work home with you? With most people spending 40-60 hours per week at their jobs, it's understandable that many can find this to be a chronic challenge.


People who are workaholics tend to experience higher levels of stress and stress-borne illness. Those who on the other hand are able to strike a work-life balance usually enjoy a more active social life and have less stress. A lot of workers bring their work day home with them. If your unhappy at your job, chances are that it will effect your life at home. This often results in having less patience which leads to looking for a reason to react after a long work day.


While no doubt difficult to achieve, it is imperative to find a balance between your professional and personal lives. Otherwise the disconnect can damage your life as a whole. Take a long look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Ask yourself - what do I need to change?