Does Sexism In Workplace Still Exist?

We are encouraged by the optimism of the majority of you. After all, if most of us think in an enlightened way, we should be close to the desired result. Winning minds is one thing. Unfortunately, reality is another.

The reality of the answer is unfortunately still loud and clear that yes, sexism in the workplace still exists. To prove it, statistical evidence shows significant wage disparities between men and women in the same job positions in this country. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women currently earn only $0.80 cents of every dollar that a man in the same position would earn.

An interesting question, however, is how else sexism in the workplace manifests itself. There are also many more subtle flavors of sexism. For example, if a male co-worker or boss invites a female employee out, she faces a Catch-22 scenario. If she agrees, it will likely give rise to tensions in the workplace. If she turns him down, she risks the same problem: workplace tension. It is not surprising that most often female employees go with the latter option, but still make several enemies in the process.

Then there are the even less obvious forms of sexism. I was once on a committee making a new hire. The HR department wanted justification for our choice of a male over a female applicant. I as a male committee member went to the HR meeting. Even though the male candidate was the best qualified, I was told that our choice would seem more justified coming from a woman.

No matter how you look at the problem, please, don't let a small issue like this hold you back from a productive career. If you find your workplace not inviting to all employees, whether male or female, it might be time to move on. Happy job hunting!