Does Your Career Match your Personality?

How important is it to match your personality with career choices you make? The short answer: "very." While people often make career decisions based on income or location, the reality is that unless you really feel passionate about what you do, you will be only mediocre at it at best. The fact is, studies indicate that a match between your job and personality play an important part in job satisfaction and success.

When choosing a career based on your personality type, you'll be able to guide your future career along a most rewarding path. Making the time to take a match career personality test will reveal a number of things about how your personality and career relate to one another, specifically in these areas: personality type, skills, values, interests and dynamics.

Even companies pay attention. In many organizations, this type of testing extends into coaching and training programs in order to best utilize their employees' strengths and build effective teams. If you're looking for a way to test yourself, be careful to choose a reputable test. With so many personality tests steering people to career paths these days, it's important to note that some tests are utter nonsense. Be careful when making your selection.

While you're thinking about the link between personality and career satisfaction, it doesn't hurt to give yourself time to take stock of your personality inventory. Self-reflection and awareness can tell you a lot, and help you decide which way to turn when looking for a new career. Keep a list of your thoughts. Write down things you enjoy doing to help guide you in the search for your perfect career. Happy job hunting!