How Fairly Are You Treated By Your Boss?

Oh Dear! While not a shocking result, it's also very disappointing. Usually, there are two things going on at the same time. While some bosses are inept and require further management training or should not be bosses in first place, a lot of employees jump to the conclusion that they are being unfairly treated at any sign of negative feedback from their boss.

Let's look at both cases separately. In the case of a systematic failure by a boss to treat employees fairly, there are basically two options: (1) Challenge the boss through proper channels, which usually means going through the corporate HR department or (2) leave the company. Either way, it's very important to have all ducks in row, so to speak. In order to prepare, create a list of situations when you were treated unfairly and look at them through your boss's eyes. Also ask yourself a question - is it possible that your boss was right? If you still feel you are on the winning side of the argument, decide to move on and in which direction.

On the flip side of the argument, however, is that while an employee may feel that he/she is not being treated fairly, it may simply be the case that the boss is requiring that some tasks be done for an existing or newly introduced process. It could be a case of simple misunderstanding or miscommunication. To prevent this, it is always helpful to let the boss know that something is not right. Oftentimes, things can be easily worked out and a lot of bitter feelings prevented. If not, move to plan B.

In either case, creating a positive atmosphere takes a lot of effort on the part of all involved. Good bosses recognize it as much as good employees do.

We wish the best of luck to the 71% of respondents who are dealing with their "boss" issues.