What Is The Minimum Pay Increase You Would Change Jobs For?

You responded in a very interesting way to this poll! In hard economic times like these, employers put the brakes on employee compensation. Usually they end up going overboard and in return employees race for exits. As this poll shows, it doesn't take much more money to lure an employee to leave their job.

Employers must resist temptation. Temporary benefits will be outweighed by the costs of employee disloyalty. Grow your internal talent, take care of your own. It is much cheaper to keep a good employee then to hire a replacement of yet unproven quality.

For employees, we also have a word of caution: don't jump too quickly. More money may seem like a big win, but before considering a jump, carefully compare what the new job is like in comparison to the old one. It may well be you get paid more, but you may end up regretting the move at the end. The winning combination for everyone is a job that you reallly like and get well compensated for. We hope that you will land a job like this soon. Happy Job Hunting!