Would You Relocate For a Job?

One of American society's hidden competitive advantages is the mobility of its workforce. People here in the U.S. tend to move around more often than our overseas counterparts. So it is not surprising to see that the majority of our respondents are o.k. to relocate when a good job offer comes their way. Of course, a decision to relocate requires serious deliberation since going through with it will probably alter your life in a very significant way, be it positive or negative.

Some of the questions to ask yourself prior to deciding to move may include these: What is the cost of living in my new area and how does that figure into my earning expectations? For example moving from Dallas, TX to Manhattan may seem like a dream come true in terms of absolute salary numbers, but living expenses in the NYC area are much steeper than those in Texas. Additionally, your commute might be longer and more expensive.

Are there other jobs available in your new area? While jobs in your profession may be plentiful in your present region, how does your new location stack up? If you're faced with an unexpected job search down the road, would you have to relocate again? What about your loved ones? Is this change going to be a positive or negative experience for them? The most important questions, however, relate to the new job itself: is it the type of work environment you most enjoy? Does your new employer move faster or slower than your last employer?

Luckily, we live in America! While answers to these questions will differ based on your particular situation, we all get to make these choices. Or we could, if we chose to pursue them.