Is Job Loyalty Dead?

Clearly there is a lot of dissatisfaction among employees as well as employers when it comes to job loyalty. Employees have in recent years lived through large budget cuts, resulting in smaller salaries and reduced benefits countered by increased work load and demand. Employers on the other hand complain that employees don't value opportunities presented to them and feel they are entitled to higher pay without increased work performance.

What gives? We are living in hyper-competitive times, where everyone is looking out for the next best opportunity. Sad but true. To restore job loyalty, both employees as well as employers need to realize the value of a long-term relationship. It is true that old timers may provide substantially greater value to a company than new hires, but time alone does not determine this. Increased performance does.

Once true contributions are recognized and rewarded, job loyalty will be more the norm. Employees and employers have to work together to figure this out. Until then, when the next great opportunity comes, it will be a good time to move on regardless of what the other party in the employment relationship thinks.