Does My Boss Appreciate Me?

First of all, if your boss appreciates you, you are doing noticeably well and rewards should be coming soon enough. The most interesting responses to our poll came from those of you who either said that your boss does not appreciate you or that you don't know. But are you really sure that you're reading your boss right?

How do bosses express their appreciation? If your boss's boss knows your name and tells you he or she heard good things about you, you know your boss is spreading the good word about you, possibly laying the groundwork for a future promotion.

What if your boss does not compliment you much? That could be a great thing! Similar to our parents, bosses pay more attention to our mistakes. So even if your boss never comes to your office to praise you for a job well done, it might be precisely because your work is good, very good. Silence often speaks louder than words.

What if your boss gives you too much work? It doesn't mean he hates you; on the contrary, he counts on your skills and wants to promote you. You are an ally, and trusted helper.

All in all, it makes sense to stop and think about this. Sometimes your first impressions may not be correct ones and your promotion, bonus and other goodies might be just around the corner.