Should I Consider Going Back to School to Improve My Chances For a Better Job?

Everyone's situation is different, so we are happy for the 25% thinking they are on the top of the world! As for the rest of us, America's job market is a ladder. The more value you can provide to your employer, the larger paycheck, a better title and more perks the employer will provide back. Straight and simple. Everybody's boss needs a helper. The more your boss succeeds, the more you succeed. If your boss does not appreciate your help, find another boss.

There are many educational opportunities out there for all of us. Going back to school could mean quitting your day job and going back full-time, but part-time may be a better option for most of us. There are many schools offering evening and weekend programs, on-line programs and such.

Often going back to school could also mean taking a specific certification course to give you that extra little edge. Just look around and find the best program for you. You will reap the benefits soon enough, whether at your next promotion or in your job search.